Sunday, July 17, 2016

Jihad From Within - Not About Religion

A large percentage of the European and American minority populations want the current western culture to conform to their cultural point of view,  instead of conforming to the nations' western culture and despite enjoying the benefits western culture offers them. Because of this cultural demand, things are going to get worse going forward unless there is radical change. Intended or not, these cultural demands come at the expense of the western cultures’ common bonds. Even common bonds such as English in America are weakening, and because of this the divide will continue to grow. Sooner or later the western culture must make a stand or be destroyed. Appeasement is not an option, rather, it's a death sentence to western culture and it comes fast. It's pretty straight forward!

Sadly even as this post was being updated an attack in Baton Rouge, Louisiana took place. See; 
Police shot

Currently the western governments waste time and resources (tax payer money) trying to determine who and what group or groups have staged an attack against westerners. It's obvious why attacks occur, divides are growing wider as minority populations increase under a system of appeasement (welfare gifts). Minority fringe groups find this leftist support within the countries they live. Example; In America, Obama\Clinton and in Germany, Merkel. Leftists provide favorable legislation and money to support fringe groups... even when they aren't just fringe sized anymore. How else can large swaths of minorities engage in destructive behaviors in mass without an equal backlash? Even soft support for fringe groups is found inside the political parties supposedly opposed to leftists. Example; (In America, Bush\Ryan\Romney).

Right now the minority Jihad groups are winning in France. They are outbreeding natives, immigrating in mass, and ending lives of the native population. No country can survive this long term. Western populations have no choice, they must stop acting with only words. Example; forceful deportation needs to occur the same as forceful and illegal entry does. Either that or face a holocaust at the hand of ruthless opponents. Collateral damage will have to happen to win this war. Only fools can't see it. Being politically correct is not an option rather it's appeasement and it's tantamount to intentional surrender.

Racism exists in all ethnic groups and especially in minority groups (a fact internationalists & leftists never admit). Racism is so bad in minority fringe groups many become radicalized. Today western populations are forced to put up with institutionalized racism seemingly against the majority. Who really enjoys racial privilege today? Minority groups do face racism daily as well, it's just today the laws favor minority groups in the legal arena. Because everyone faces racism it's easy to become radicalised.  See; 
Example of institutionalized racism

The point is that for western culture to survive, minority groups have to conform to societal norms, at least, in the culture that they choose to live in, thus making the majority populations culture secure and creating a bond. Expecting it the other way around is insane and destroys bonds. If someone feels hostile towards the current culture and wants to do something radical (like kill) why not leave the country that makes them feel radical for a country with the ethnic population matching themselves? Maybe they will like the different culture their group has historically created when together as the majority? If individuals don't like the culture of those countries ethnically like themselves and choose to remain in a country where they are a minority, why try to bring what's not liked here through insisting on cultural change? Why not blend into the majority culture creating a common set of bonds? Many have done this in the past and many still do it today. Those are the individuals who normally like their location and would like to keep it that way without others racially like themselves ruining a good thing with negative stereotypes. That's probably why guys like Sheriff Clarke exist in America with such a strong opinion.  See video; 
Sheriff Clarke

Common culture and bonds matter in a country. Religious freedom in a country can be part of the culture, however, religious freedom in that country doesn't mean intentionally importing another religion... especially one opposed to religious freedom! Freedom of religion in a historically Christian country certainly doesn't mean giving a minority religion preferential treatment for some leftist agenda. Religion is just one common bond and the war on western culture is not really about religion. It's about jealousy... believe it or not if the majority ethnic group in western countries all converted to Islam they would still face a jihad. Western cultures currently enjoy a high standard of living, which creates that jealousy. The western standard of living is coming down as westerners ignore the hard truths written about here. You can't just give and give to those who don't share the same values.

Related, the United Nations is not a friend to western culture because the majority of the world’s population is not like the ethic majority in Europe or America. Many in the world hate westerners just because they are the haves in the world. Hitler came to power largely blaming the haves who were both Jewish and Germans for the loss in WWI.  Just look what happened to the Jewish in that country under his leadership before and during WWII! Elected officials who surrender European or American sovereignty aren't friends to western culture nor are internationalists... rather those leaders are acting like Hitler only they vehemently attack Westerners vs the Jewish. Don't treat leaders like that as friends unless you don't mind the eventual outcome of poverty and death. These leaders whether intentionally or not would have the majority ethnic groups in western countries become the minority and then finally even worse.

No group will be safe without shedding the politically correct straight jacket leftists try to impose upon them using racist labels. In the case of some in the minority population shedding that straight jacket might mean agreeing with this post and going against your friends who spout leftist victimization dogma. For the majority it may mean the same and taking to the streets to counter leftist forces as forcefully as required to achieve the desired result in ending the counter cultural violence. This is not written to be politically correct, however, it's factual no matter what the thought police say.

The patriotic bikers going to Cleveland to counter potential leftist thugs is a good start. Who will really be surprised at the political spin concerning leftist violence at the RNC if it occurs? Worse what if officials like Obama and a scorned John Kasich order law enforcement to stand down to some level? They may try this because they understand the media will likely blame the right for the violence more than the left. Ask yourselves who has traveled to protest a legitimate political convention and you will find the true source of violence. The fact is many protesters are being paid and wouldn't it be nice if the source of payment was held accountable for the violence? The rumor is they get paid even more for being arrested because it's a leftist photo opportunity to say look at the violence the right has incited!
Injustices unfortunately occur and ignoring the above through appeasement ensures injustices will continue on a larger scale going forward. If not now when do the majority natives and native born minorities who enjoy western culture stand up to leftist violence from within? 

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