Sunday, May 8, 2016

It's Best Paul Ryan Be Shown The Exit Door In Any Future Campaigns

Voters in America are tired of false outrage and exaggeration of talking points in an effort to make non racist comments into racist comments. Cowards like Paul Ryan do this with Donald Trump's talking points while allowing racial double standards to go unchallenged.

Example of a recent racial double standard; black power salute given by African American female cadets at West Point. Ryan knows that if European American female cadets had done a white solidarity salute they'd have been in all probability thrown out of the academy without graduating. Will Ryan comment on that? No, because it's a real issue. In the linked article excuses have already been made for the cadets action by the media. The media "thought police" call the Black Power or black solidarity salute support for the Black Lives Matter movement. This in an effort to downplay the incident. Can someone explain how the salutes differ? Either way the action is not allowed by military cadets in uniform who are to become military leaders and who are supposed to be held to a higher standard. Why do the Ryan's of the world hold different racial standards to different races? Does Ryan feel one race must be coddled? If so that's insulting.

America does have a culture and not enforcing current immigration law is one reason that culture is being destroyed.  What is American culture?  To start it's been an English speaking country for black and white Americans alike,  it's been a Christian country "In God We Trust" on American currency, it's a country where citizens say "Merry Christmas". These things came from the people who made America the envy of the worlds citizenship.

The truth is America is losing these cultural norms in part due to the lack of secure borders and lack of enforcement of immigration laws already on the books.  Wanting controlled legal immigration vs illegal immigration isn't racist even Mexico knows that.

Voters in America of all races are hungry for an American first leadership.

Perhaps America's Paul Ryan politicians have forgotten the pledge of allegiance to the United States of America? Maybe they've forgotten a common bond called the English language that allows the nations citizens the ability to communicate amongst themselves?

Open borders and unenforced immigration law is racist towards the American culture and that's an inclusive culture. In fact African Americans are being hammered by illegal immigration. Barrack Obama doesn't appear to have a high regard for American culture and American immigration law. Paul Ryan doesn't seem to notice that or the fact Obama had a long term association with Rev. Wright? Wright is a man some Americans feel to be a racist and Wright provided the fodder. To this date the Paul Ryan politicians fear talking about this left wing racism so much they'd rather attack others as racist for speaking the truth about it.

The fact is Donald Trump is inclusive.  Donald Trump is also conservative where it counts to the American people.  That is unless patriotism is no longer a conservative ideal?  Wanting a strong military, controlled borders, respect for our veterans and police, fair trade, and an American first policy is important and Paul Ryan needs to remember that.

The media likes to point out  Paul Ryan as the top elected Republican official because he's the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, however, the only voter mandate Ryan has is from the 1st congressional district in Wisconsin. Even Wisconsin Senator Roy Blunt has more votes than Ryan because U.S. Senators run in the entire state not just some congressional district. That fact highlights the arrogance on display by Paul Ryan.  For Paul Ryan it's all about self. Ryan will never be elected President of the Unted States as a Republican, not after thumbing his nose towards the majority of Republican and cross over Democrat voters who participated in the 2016 presidential primaries.

Paul Ryan's competition is Paul Nehlen for the Wisconsin 1st congressional district. Please support Paul Nehlen by clicking on the provided link to his website. Even a small donation helps send a message that Americans are serious about changing the business as usual attitude from certain politicians like Ryan.

Related: Paul Ryan, a Republican, drafted the plan with Patty Murray, a Democrat to cut disabled veterans benefits. At the same time Paul Ryan's wants government subsidized premiums for seniors?  Consistency with Ryan, forget it, according to Ryan we have the money to "relocate" and "resettle" a large number of "Islamic Refugees" but not enough to supply American seniors with a cost of living increase? That's Ryans's conservative value system?

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