Saturday, March 12, 2016

Would Leftist Protesters Have Beaten Trump To Death In Chicago last night?

Without security the answer is YES, they are violent leftists!   It isn't Donald Trump who needs to condemn his supporters or his own actions. Trump and his supporters are clearly not the folks traveling to a private rally looking for confrontation. Trump has asked for unity already. The last debate was toned down, not because of his opponents effort,  rather it was Trump's effort in the face of continued attacks by already defeated candidates seeking a brokered convention.

Ben Carson recently signed on the Trump train by endorsing Donald publicly underscoring the point he believes Trump to be inclusive.  It's not Donald Trump's supporters who head out to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders rallies with the intent to silence a disenting point of view. It's worth pointing out here that pandering to "minorities" in America is a racist action in itself and it inflames tensions because it's taking sides based on race. Today who's really the minority anyway?  European Americans are no longer the majority in the U.S. school system.

Who's the divisive one when President Barrack Obama, who was obviously tickled pink, went right on television after learning an orginized leftist mob forced Trump to cancel his rally? A cancellation recommended by local law enforcement citing safety concerns. Obama was overwhelming joyful as he addressed the nation once again to express his false outrage, all the while pointing fingers at the Republican party and Trump. Obama conveniently overlooked  the race pandering in his own party.

Example; Hillary's been all about pointing her finger at Republican Governor Snyder in the Michigan drinking water fiasco. Hillary says if it was a rich "white" town involved he'd have acted. But, do you know what Hillary doesn't bring up? The city with its majority "black" population was run into economic ruin by Democrats, oh snap, she didn't mention that did she? If that's not leftist race pandering what is?  But hey, Flint will makes a great political backdrop to stir up blacks.

Has Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or even President Obama called for restraint from their own party?  Have they asked their militant jack booted thugs to stay away from Trump rallies?  Has the media conducted strong questioning about this? Of course not! You can't hold the compassionate party to being commpasionate because they aren't.

Republicans in name only (RINO's) bear much of the blame also! They've played the race card in trying to silence Trump thus showing they've become the Democrat Lite party. RINO's like Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, and even "conservative" Ted Cruz exploit racism from the left for political gain. They've all broken their pledge to support the eventual party nominee by accusing Trump of racism in a shameless smear campaign. Though, they know Trump's clearly not a racist it doesn't stop them. Even Al Sharpton says he doesn't think Trump is a racist!

Already the media, RINO's, Obama, and left leaning Democrats are trying to place the blame someplace else. For political gain they are trying to paint this as a clash between Trump and Sander's supporters and not on the leftist fascism they clearly support.  Don't let them practice hate speech from the left, while shifting the blame to Trump or anyone else. Get out and vote!

Freedom of speech matters. No matter how angry anyone is! The thought police have no right to threaten political rallies. The hate speech isn't coming from the right it's coming from the left and the Oval Office.  It's comming from those who want open borders and by those who use open borders as a means to try and change America.  They attempt to destroy anyone who would dare speak against them.

Here's a typical leftist protester (pictured below) playing the race card to try and silence a political point of view he doesn't like. Any wonder Trump would like to punch him in the face? Who's at who's rally?

God Bless Donald Trump! Trump who stands up for Americans first amendment rights while others haven't. God Bless "minorities" like Ben Carson who buck the establishment and the thought police. God bless all shades of Americans who see the truth!!

This campaign is fighting for the soul of the Republican party and our country.  We the voters in the Republican party and our brother blue collar Democrats stand with Trump and will stand by our vote against the establishment!!

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