Friday, March 11, 2016

Trump Detractors Worried About Rally Scuffles But Ignore Violent Crime Caused By Open Borders?

The media's false outrage rears its ugly head over an incident at a Donald Trump rally. Yes, a protester was assualted and Yes, Trump said he hoped his comments had nothing to do with the action by one of his many supporters.

Comments Trump had made at a different rally were brought up by media members unhappy with Trump's blunt and often unapologenic speech.

Here's why the media outrage is false.

1. Although Trump made comments the media considers inflammitory, he did so at a different rally and under different circumstances.

 2. Protesters sneaking into Trump rallies are making a consious decision to protest without permit and inside a private event. Also, they know the views they espouse are exactly the opposite of those being supported at the event. In this case the protester happened to be black and the attacker white. Those intellectually honest with themselves know "white on black violence" draws media attention.

 3. If the media wants outrage to be considered authentic it should be applied to all violence equally. Example; Black Lives Matter members recently attacked a war hero leaving a McDonalds. This attack should have brought questions equally to Barrack Obama. Why? Because, Obama shortly after the attack hosted a Black Lives Matter group at the Whitehouse, nothing from the media? Obama was never asked if his silence is in itself condoning these acts?  In this attack the victim is white and not protesting anyone just minding his own business. Multiple black attackers targeted him... a hate crime?

4. Did the media forget leftwing violence at the 2008 Republican convention?  Donald Trump was not even running for office?

Interestingly, violent protests inside western nations often come from those with a leftist aganda and the media sides wth the agenda. These leftist protesters often wish to change or get rid of some common bond the nation currently holds dear. Example; Saying "Merry Christams" is common in western culture, yet, comes under protest.  The media calls out the backlash against such protest as racist or wrong thinking? It's like the media is at a sporting event where the response gets the penalty because they missed the original offense. The diference here is the penalty is given more harshly only to the response even though the original offense was seen? Example; racism towards whites seems to be expected and accepted as if it weren't racist, whereas a backlash from the victim who's white is penalized as racist.  Here's a case in point; Proof whites suffer with discrimination

Violence against dissenters at political rallies is wrong, at least when no violent action was initiated on the part of the dissenter. That's not been the case at all Trump rallies. In the Trump rally mentioned by the media the Trump supporter acted wrongly...  Being an univited loudmouth protester is also wrong.  Two wrongs don't make a right... enough said life goes on. Trump did not condone the attack in this case. The incident would not have occured in the first place had the protester remained outside and not inside a private event that was highly charged politically and emotionally. This protester knew what he was doing.

How would right wing protesters fare inside a large leftwing rally? In some crowds dead!

Donald Trump promised supporters at ONE rally with some not so nice protesters that if they “knock the crap out of” a protester, he will cover their legal fees: “Just knock the hell— I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees. I promise, I promise. It won’t be so much ’cause the courts agree with us too.”

To answer a question - No, Trump does not have to cover legal fee's at a different event. Had the protester been violent towards someone then "yes" for the heck of it Trump probably would cover costs. Remember protesters have often thrown objects.  They're not saints and in fact go out looking for trouble and often get what they deserve. To heck with the media's false outrage.

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