Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Why Americans Love Donald Trump

After almost eight years of Barrack Obama the country has not united and both the Democrats and establishment Republicans are to blame.  Enter Donald Trump who's music to the ears of a multitude of Americans for different reasons.  To European Americans it's resentment of being the majority voice that nobody pays any attention, unless for the purpose of pinning blame for the nations ills. For African Americans it's the failure of delivery on massive promises that are never kept and the fealing that they remain second class citizens. For Latino American "citizens" it's listening to the continued debate on ILLEGAL immigration and feeling as if they are always being blamed for crime\drugs flowing across the border. They have no more contol over that than anyone else except at the ballot box.

Like it or not, voters from diverse ethnic backgrounds want a wall at the American\Mexican border. Trump's been correct in saying "a nation without secure borders is no nation at all". European Americans want the wall because it's non European immigration they fear\blame for the 'browning" of America. President Obama's done nothing to belay that fear either. For African Americans they've been replaced as the number one minority group and the perception of lost employemnt due to ILLEGAL immigration exists. In fact tension sometimes exists between the African American and Latino American communities. Some Latino Americans feel it's time to get the borders under control so that debate can move towards more important issues with less time being spent on crime and drugs that often come across the boarder. Until the issue is resolved Latino Americans will continue being stereo typed in an ufavorable way. All groups have some fact shaping their perceptions.

Until a walls built and racial issues can be addressed without charge from the left and establishment Republicans on the right of racism, nothing will change. Donald Trump's blatantly honest and often politically incorect conversation is seen as a beacon or ray light in regards to this issue. Instead of trying to understand the Trump appeal both Democrats and Republicans stick there heads in the sand clinging to the old established ways that no longer work in today's American society.

There are two parties in this country for a reason, to debate the real issues without imposing them. Sometimes the opposition party actually has a good idea.  While many Republicans don't agree with the Democrats re-establishing a relationship with Cuba it's actually good for both America and Cuba provided it's handled through Republican ideas such as free markets and not government reperation. Both America and Cuba harmed each other and both nations lost for years. The economic rebalancing act can be handled through free markets. Though no fan here of Barrack Obama the normalizing of American Cuban relations will be one of if not the most important achievements of his tenure.

Racial issues need to be discussed and just like the Cuban issue both parties have skin in the game and neither party is correct without the other. Here's one idea that makes sense, how about encouraging European immigration again and from South Africa?  It may sound controversial to non European Americans, however, the cries been America is a nation of compassion, does that not extend to Europeans anymore? If not why not and what's the agenda?  Today Eurpean immigration from South Africa makes sense for compassionate reasons. Some Europeans in South Africa don't feal safe since the fall of apartied and are looking for a nation where they'd feel safe. Taking them in would suggest to European Americans the goal of the current immigration policy isn't the disappearance of European America. In reality it won't stop the "browning" of America and for this reason minorities need not fear it. Proportionate Eurpean immigration will stop what currently looks to be an intentional call for the destruction of the European culture.  Getting rid of this fear should allow for real dialog in areas that address, say, African American concerns today.  There will be trade offs on many issues between ethnic groups. Immigration will continue from minority nations as well, however, all immigration should be at a pace that America can sustain. Thus, keeping up with common bonds such as language and culture remains possible. Nations need that glue. Without a common glue nations can cease to exist.

There are so many immigrants willing to come here from a world with a population in the billions. America can't handle this huge influx without destroying itself.  Interacial marriages occur and capitalism is the most non discriminatory system on the plannet let those forces happen over time and naturally.  Allowing this would be the opposite of the socialist policies that grip much of the rest of the world and are clearly destroying both European and African nations alike.

Voters from both the Democrat and Republican parties want fare trade and support for fare trade comes from all ethnic groups in America.  That's one thing Americans have in common.  How America has managed to destroy its own industrial base is to be blamed on both political parties and YES, that blame is well placed.  Trump is resonating here on this issue and he's not pandering to anyone.

Fringe groups support whomever they want and they're part of America's electorate. Donald Trump has disavowed the one fringe group, the Ku Klux Klan, who actually hasn't endorsed him officially. Has Obama done the same when the Black Panthers stood with Obama? These are serious issues and they go both ways. Republican House Speaker. Paul Ryan would be wise to tone down his one sided attacks on Trump containing his false outrage lest he become the first Republican establishment official to fall. Ryan is wrong to come out publicly and harshly on a fake issue. Trump has a long history, it's clearly not in support of the Ku Klux Klan.  Ryan wants Trump to disavow the Klan when in fact Trump has already done so.  It won't be the last time either.

Trump's an unknown to the establishment taking from both Democrat and Republican parties alike. Trump's not controlled by special interests and he knows what needs to be done. Establishment Republicans like Ryan can't understand this and maybe need to re-evaluate why their own parties voters support Trump. Trump comes from New York, City and as such he's plenty inclusive. The fact is Ted Cruz attacked Trump on his being from New York and having New York values and Cruz lost hugely on that exchange.

All minorities don't enjoy the pandering and "false outrage" included in today's politics. Those minorities who've been turned off by the pandering are lining up for Trump and against establishment insanity. At the moment Paul Ryan is looking like he may become the first casualty in the establishment war with Trump. Many blue collar Americans are sick of Ryan. Each time Ryan opens his mouth against their vote for Mr. Trump they grow more resolve.  That resolve may move to calls of removing Paul Ryan from office.

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