Thursday, March 24, 2016

Trump's America-first worldview forgoes lofty ideals and partisan ideologies and it's correct

Trump's ideas don't fit neatly into or subscribe to any single theory or school of international relations thought. Being unafraid to question the status quo, Trump’s outlook on global affairs and the U.S. role in them is, however, quite simple: Clearly, Trump argues, the U.S. is doing something wrong. If we're so great and powerful, why have we appeared so helpless in Ukraine, in Korea, in the South China Sea, and East China Sea? America has the most powerful military in the world, why are terrorists expanding their Islamic state? Trump questions failed trade policies that hurt American workers who are now jobless, Trump says why not seek to renegotiate and rebalance the playing field?

Here's a link to an establishment talking point dealing with Japan and it's wrong (Rubio used it in debate); Establishment Talking Point Wrong On Issue Of Japan

The United Nations, NATO and internationalists claim that the U.S. needs to continue leading the liberal order. They claim it creates a healthy global system from which America and her allies benefit. Trump, on the other hand, sees absurdity in a system filled with cracks and fissures that arguably disadvantage Americans, and madness in positions born out of ideological politics rather than what's needed. Like the people in America who vote for American Leadership, Trump has tired of leaders who once elected forget about serving Americans and start acting like they need a favorable world opinion for a run at some global Presidency. Have they forgotten the pledge of allegiance to America?

Trump is correct on NATO and not only Japan as linked above. By slashing their defense budgets European countries are allowing the U.S. to pick up the slack. And why not, American welfare frees them to spend on social programs America can't even afford. The United States is already spending more on defense than all other nations on the planet combined. Yet, America needs upgrades that it can't afford such as a new fighter jet in the face of a modernizing China and a superioir Russian fighter already in production. America already scrapped making its best fighter the F-22 in favor of a cheaper F-35 that now needs to be replaced. Where will that money come from?

Here's something crazy, U.S. leaders actually fight against Europe providing for its own defense. See; European Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy.  Some in establishment will argue that European nations are to small to defend themselves, they've obviously got blinders on because Israel's small and proivides for it's own defense? Israel buys our weapons and we don't have or need bases in Israel. It's time Europeans do the same.  Not over night and nothing rash, but it must be done for their own survival. It might help our own survival as well.  New alliances will be forged and Americans need not fear that or dictate to whom they are with. Americans will find new alliances as well based on mutual respect and its own need.

The extra money European countries have available because Americans pay for their defense tab, funds social programs that attract immigrants from the very countries that often wish them harm. The "free money" fuels the world order mentality. A place where lets face it Europeans are viewed as a blight on the world because they are members of the haves club. With a stronger world integration Europeans will find they have a smaller voice because they have a smaller population compared to the countries they are allowing themselves to integrate with.

That's true to America as well.  Americans aren't liked much in the world and like European nations we need to worry less about what the world thinks and more about America. We can either be wealthy and strong as a nation or poor and prosecuted as a nation. World opinions about privilege are not favorable to Americans. Make no mistake the world will take all privilege away from Americans. That's going to be the outcome if business continues as usual.

On the immigration issue, Japan has low to no terrorism for a reason.  They don't encourage Muslim immigration.

American establishment types will never admit these truths unless the vote is clear in 2016!

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