Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Trump Is No Racist, However, Obama Is And The Establishment Republicans Are Silent

What Barrack Hussein Obama does not understand is that everyone has equal opportunity under capitalism.

Being born in unfortunate circumstances does not prevent a person from becoming successful. It just doesn’t. “A reasonable shot at economic success” already exists, and it is not cavalier to say so. Upward mobility is a reality that is easily observed in the countless rags-to-riches stories that dot Americana. People have risen from the slums to become wealthy. Fortunes have been made despite all kinds of physical and even mental incapacitation. The only true impairment is a lack of motivation, and that is not the responsibility of an economic system, or government, to fix.

See; Barack Obama Is An Anti-White Racist

True "hope and change" would have been born from a conservative black President. Where's the change in electing a black President who believes blacks today are still victims of white racism as most leftists believe? Just look at how the leftist Hillary Clinton also known as the "Hildabeast" blames the Flint Michigan water mess on Republicans vs blaming the real source of the problem.

Blacks overwhelmingly are loyal to the Democratic Party, so forget Republican voters, focus on the return on investment for blacks over the past 50 years for their undying slap stupid loyalty. Oh yeah, the Democratic debate took place in "Flint Michigan" and Hillary blamed the water issue on Republicans and especially Governor Synder, but do you know what Hillary, Bernie nor the moderators brang up? The city with its majority black population was run into economic ruin by Democrats, oh snap they didn't mention that did they? Cash strapped Flint was desperate to save cash because of their dire economic situation, so they stopped burying water from Detroit and got it from a river, correct? For the record, no Republican had been mayor of Flint or Detroit in about 40 to 50 years. Just fact checking. But hey, Flint will make a great political backdrop to stir up blacks even though their cities economic depressed blighted mess is self inflicted.

Lets not forget to throw in "free" gifts another form of racism designed by the left while on the campaign trail.  Why is that racist?  It's racist because the left is grouping people they have determined can't succeed together. Next the left targets that group with the promise of "free gifts". Of course they've taken forcibly that "free gift" from some other group who they've decided succeed a little to much.  Everyone knows nothings really free right? Right???

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