Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday: Landslide Win For Trump

Donald Trump dominates Super Tuesday winning the following states;

Alabama with 43.4% of the vote
Arkansas with 32.7% of the vote
Georgia with 38.8% of the vote
Massachusetts with 49% of the vote
Tennessee with 38.9% if the vote
Vermont with 32.7% of the vote
Virginia with 34.7% of the vote

Those are sizable percentages considering four other candidates are still vying for the Republican presidential nomination. The amount of money the "establishment" has squandered trying to stop their own front runner is disgraceful. Donald Trump's wins in the face of the onslaught underscores the peoples support for him and against what the establishment is doing.

The Republican establishment moves are tarnishing the Republican brand and are in direct conflict with the message the PEOPLE are sending.

Spelling it out for the obtuse,  the people who've voted Trump want the establishment to spend its money defending against the lefts racism and the lefts policy of  categorizing people based on skin color. The people don't condone the establishment Republicans inflaming the lefts "false outrage" over Trump's comments and helping the left create false charges of racism against Mr. Trump.

Had the establishment backed Donald Trump going into "Super Tuesday" with the very same money the've spent trashing his immage and thus their own, Trump would have already largely put the nomination away. The media is not favorable to Republicans and that will remain the case no matter who the Republicans put forward. It's time for the establishment to unite the party behind Donald Trump or tarnish the republican brand for years to come. Trump had a huge polling lead going into the Oklahoma primary (34%) and ended up placing with (28.3%) and for what purpose? The establishment is supporting a protracted feud where it's Republican vs Republican and they wonder why Trump has a broad appeal?

It's time for two things to occur Donald Trump must act Presidential and the establishment must stand up to the media in unified fashion.  Trumps already offered an olive branch and a glimpse of what he can be in terms of  a unifying force for the party.  It's time to bury the hatchet on the part of the establishment. This is clearly what the people in the party are asking from establishment. What the people don't want are RINO's whom fear the lefts false charges of racism and charges that world leaders are aghast with the goings on in America. Party voters are trying to elect someone who will stand up for America! It's time for the establishment to put their weight behind the peoples voice. If the establishment won't support Donald Trump they've confirmed for voters in the party they have no voice and the party of the right has indeed become the Democrat light party.  One can't forget that Ted Cruz is not the establishment choice either.  While Trump isn't Cruz on all issues, he's the loudest conservative voice where it matters most to the voters!  Border enforcement, a strong military, fare trade, support for police, and common bonds that unite a country.  Those are more important issues than who's having an abortion and who's not. And guess what they're less divisive!

Those who say Trump can't win are dead WRONG.  Donald Trump is leading a movement and that movement includes the potential to win states like New York and New Hampshire in the general election. Winning those states all but guarantees Donald Trump instead of a Democrat becoming the next President of the United States.  See; Hillary could lose to Trump in Democratic NY.  Trump could even win Massachusetts!  See; 20 percent of Massachussetts Democrats would defect for Trump.

Republican voters are imploring the establishment to fight for their choice over the media's objections and their own perceptions of Trump.  It's time to spend the money supporting the peoples voice. A Trump loss at the polls this far into the game will only serve to perpetuate support of business as usaul over the will of the people.  Yes, the establishment money can still hijack the peoples choice and claim in their defense that the people did reject Trump.  Don't count on the people who've already voiced support for Trump to except that narrative.  The balls in the establishments court. Are they capable of change or will they remain lost in an effort to silence a movement that clearly wants change?

The establishment needs to bear in mind Ted Cruz has less chance of winning the general election than any candidate still campaigning. Cruz is divisive no matter how they slice it and the establishment has already all but admitted as much. Promoting a RINO robot like Marco Rubio who's still polling behind Trump in his home state of Florida at this juncture is asinine, whether or not establishment money and endorsements can change that outcome. It's still WRONG to try. Support the people in your own party or don't forget to look in the mirror as the party is destroyed by your own doing.

General election polls aren't reliable because the election is determined by the states electoral college and Trump has a real advantage in that arena. If general election polls were correct Ronald Reagan would have lost by 20 percent to Jimmy Carter.  That clearly did not happen! Thank God!

See; Trump can beat Clinton

Sessions: Trump can beat Hillary

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