Friday, March 4, 2016

John Kasich A Fraud By Claiming He's Anti Establishment?

Ohio Governor Kasich had hoped to win New Hampshire an early primary state, spending more time than other candidates in a state effort that didn't pay off. Also, Kasich spent most of his supporters money in that failed effort.

Today, Kasich who claims he's still the non establishment candidate seems more than willing to help the establishment usurp the voice of party voters in favor of a brokered convention.  That's something the establishment clearly wants. This from Kasich who touts himself the honorable candidate and one who's taken the high road? It's clearly for personal gain Kasich suggests a brokered convention is preferable over the people's voice. This probably won't set well in the state of Ohio and they've not voted yet.  Those who've voted in primary states to date have selected Trump and like it or not there's no better system than an election by the people to be governed.  What's Kasich doing by suggesting otherwise to Ohio's voters?

Obviously the anti establishment candidate has become the establishment candidate.

Furthermor, Kasich's  got a penchant for making some bone headed statements. For starters he said ILLEGALS are a ‘critical part of our society’?  That's not something Republican voters will likely forget. Continuing here's a chauvinist statement Kasich made and it's a real beauty: Women Voters ‘Left Their Kitchens’ to Campaign for me. And lets not forget Kasich came under fire for a story he told during a campaign stop in California about tipping the Hispanic maid in his hotel. "They are great, caring, hardworking folks. And a lot of them do jobs that, that they're willing to do," Kasich said, "That's why in the hotel you leave a little tip, you know?  Wow!!

Now lets compare, Trump commented on Mexico not sending America their best. That's actually not a racial comment given Mexico's a country and not a race.  However, it's drawn a lot of media and party attention who like to create false controversy where none exists. Trump also said "a lot of them I assume (Mexicans) are good people who come to America". The fact is many Mexican Americans agree with Trump and the facts side with Trump a lot of crime (gangs) and drugs are crossing the southern border. Trumps advocating a wall and legal vs. ILLEGAL immigration. Trump wants to enforce current immigration law.  "A nation without borders is not a nation at all" he claims.  That's something that should resonate well with Republican voters across the board.

At the moment Trump leads Ohio state polls between himself and Kasich. This underscores how unpopular Kasich actually is in his home state.  Voters in Ohio have suggested the reason Kasich's governor in the first place has more to do with Democrat Ed FitzGerald's blunders than  actual appeal on the part of Kasich. Ohio voters can't help but recognize Kasich's shown lower energy than even Jeb Bush while campaigning. Trump was successful at making the "low energy label" stick to Bush who's since dropped out of the campaign.

It's expected pro establishment Super PAC money will be spent heavily in Ohio supporting a thus far failed Kasich in an effort to stop Trump. Clearly Kasich has no chance of beating Trump on his own. Nationwide party voters have unanimously voted for Trump and today are pinning hopes that voters of Ohio ally with them and reject the establishment. An establishment who's effort is to defeat its own front runner Donald Trump. Ohio's voters are a crucial constituency in every election.  This time's no different and that constituency can decide whether or not the Republican establishment continues with business as usual or whether they side with regular party voters.  Voters who've thus far supported a transformation away from business as usual.

Who Ohioans decide to vote for will hopefully be decided by the nations best interests and not the establishment Super PACs.  Trump and his supporters are taking Ohio very seriously and they're hoping that Ohio will join them in a search for fare trade, a strong military, support of the police departments around the nation, secure borders and enforcement of current immigration law among other commonsense themes.

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