Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ted Cruz Exposed

Cruz special interests;

$15 million donation from Farris and Dan Wilks
$11 million from Robert Mercer
$10 million from Toby Neugebauer

Ted's wife's in bed with Goldman Sachs as Vice President (on leave for Ted's 2016 campaign) of the Houston, Texas chapter of the company. How's it that Ted's going to rally against "crony capitalism"?

Ted's wife helped support NAFTA a deal where American jobs fled the country in favor of a low cost labor force. If Ted's wife won't repudiate her open borders stances from south to north the Cruz vote should start defecting. And another thing, Ted said he didn't like the Councel on Foreign Relations. Did he forget his wife Heidi is on the counsel? An organization fighting to destroy American soverinity and that's according to Ted himself.

While free trade sounds great to establishment types, it destroys Americas own political control and ability to self govern. It gives political control over to a world population that has great distaste for Americans. European countries are facing the same destructive forces and the establishment won't back down even as European culture is destroyed and its own citizens are attacked by the open borders this global policy has created.

Ted's foreign policy consists of lets "bomb the crap out of them" while that may sound good to many patriotic Americans and that includes Trump supporters, at least have a plan for the clean up and stabilization afterwards Ted.

Ted Cruz lie; "I'll rip up the Iran deal on day one in office". Since China, Russia and America's European allies signed the treaty they won't re-establish sanctions unless America waits for a proven violation as Trump understands and has pointed out to Ted. No one wants that treaty torn apart more than Trump, however, at least Trump's honest by sayiny, "because of Obama Americans must now wait for a violation of a bad treaty before we can rip it up".

Ted seems a lot like a member of the establishment elite club he professes to dislike on the campaign trail?

Scathing read; Report Ted tried to Bury

As usual Ted is telling ‘fairy tales’...
End the strangle hold by voting Trump in 2016.

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