Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trump In Perspective: Past Republican Establishment And Leftist Hatred For Ronald Reagan

The left hates any Republican that draws the same large crowds as Donald Trump. So, take all future Trump protests for what they are, displays of hatred for anything American and especially anything pro common bonds and culture.

Example of the lefts hatred for Republicans; Radio host advocates murder of Ted Cruz

Since both Trump and Cruz are hated equally by the left it makes more sense for Republicans to stay with front runner Trump. Ted Cruz seen by his followers as a "real conservative" is a bad idea for Republicans if the goal is wrestling the Whitehouse away from Democrats. Cruz's past actions handed Democrats some mid term talking points and elections and Cruz knew it would. Yet, Cruz put himself first and ahead of country, given the chance he'd do it again. See; In it for himself

Related; Wake up Ted, it's time to make the phone call to Trump. Maybe, request Secretary of State? If you put yourself first again the establishment wins. In that case you will have made yourself and Trump irrelevant. That's clearly not what Americans in the Republican party have been voting for.

Cruz should think about that for a moment before he continues bashing the Republican front runner.

John Kasich is the last hope for the anti Trump\Cruz establishment and a brokered convention. Ask yourself Ted is Kasich what you want to force on Americans? Kasich's an open border champion and a failed national candidate who only won his home state due to the establishments hatred of Donald Trump.


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