Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton Race Baiting As Usual

Hillary Clinton refuses to cultivate a new thought process even after the below comments were made available to her by Alveda King

Yesterday, in her 2016 presidential bid Clinton says, "Trump rallies are like old Lynch mobs and people haven't forgotten about them it's in their DNA".

Is her intent to stir up and stengthen a racial divide? That's the effect, she knows it and if she doesn't know it, is she smart enough to be president? Won't this encourage others to attack Trump supporters?

Who gets the blame when her followers provoke those trying to attend a private Trunp rally? A fact Clinton left out; the supporters she and others in her party stir up to a level of hatred, travel or head out to Trump rallies, Guess they miss being lynched using or applying Clinton's logic?

Trump's appeal is broader than a single race in the first place. Look how close minded the left is when confronted by the facts.

Clinton is in fact race baiting. Will the media question President Obama, asking whether or not he thinks it's acceptable behavior in his own party? Will that happen? Of course it won't, it's become racist to raise questions based on facts vs years of acceptable thought control. Americans know Obama does indeed support such behavior and engages in that behavior himself.

Only Republican party leaders like House Speaker Paul Ryan get questions about campaign rally violence from the media. What's Ryan choose to do? He defecates all over the front runner (Trump) vs calling out the double standard. If that's not a Republican in name only (RINO) what is? It's also cowardice, however, Ryan would spin it (acting like a Democrat) to say Trump's divisive in an effort to cover his own behind.

If Trump does lose the nomination or the general election it's not from lack of appeal. It will be from his own party leaders who failed to support the front runner. Are these leaders so ignorant they don't understand support vs attack and the eventual effect?

The worse part is they understand and they don't care! It's self vs country on display for all to see.

Like Trump today, some from the left tried to silence Reagan back in the day! See video;

The Republican party leaders were men back then and didn't accuse Reagan of causing the violence.

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