Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Look At The Open Borders Establishment Candidate Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and the establishment want you to think Donald Trump can't beat Hillary Clinton in the general election, however, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz can't even beat Donald Trump! See: Establishment lie debunked

Here's a little fact checking, Donald Trump in polls beats Hillary Clinton by a wider margin than Ted Cruz. Here's a second fact, Republicans by a wide margin are voting against open borders and Marco Rubio's been all about keeping them open, that is until the emergence of support Donald Trump has shown exists for enforcing the countries borders. Marco Rubio's looking at a RINO VP candidate as well, one who will no doubt also be soft on the issue. The question really should be is Marco Rubio any different than Hillary Clinton on the immigration issue? The clear answer is NO!!

Here's what Marco Rubio has said about the border issue when asked why he now supports a wall. "I can see we can't have any serious discussion on immigration till we build a wall". That position is recent and credit should be given to Donald Trump for pressuring the entire field of candidates to at least talk tough on the issue. Marco didn't say any of his other pro-immigration positions have changed. Rubio was a supporter of Democrat Chuck Schumers 'Gang of 8' bill that can be best described as follows; The old “lowering the crime rate by legalizing the crime” approach.

Anybody who believes the “I will gladly secure the border Tuesday for amnesty today” pitch also buys it every time a guy like Schumer claims a new massive spending program will be offset by “future spending cuts” that never, ever come. No thanks, Chuck.

Credit the 'Gang of 8' description to; Doug Powers

You've Seen Rubio above, Now See Marco Rubio attack Ted Cruz's voting record both appear to be lightweights

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