Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Trump: Striking Fear In The Heart Of The Democrat Establishment And The Republican Establishment "Should" Support That

Here's why Democrats are fearing Donald Trump, In the Nevada caucus Donald Trump garnered 34,531 votes all while Rubio and Cruz are waging serious campaigns for the GOP nomination themselves. In comparison on the Democrats side of Nevada Hillary Clinton received just 6,316 votes and Bernie Sanders who's supposed to have started some kind of movement received a mere 5,678 votes. Trump also managed more votes in the New Hamphire primary than Hillary Clinton, a state that typically goes for Democrats in the general election. Trump achieved this with a large field of viable Republicans still in the Presidential race at the time of the New Hampshire primary contest.

States Republicans don't usually count on winning are "in play" because of Donald Trump, however, only if he's the Republican nominee for President. It's often mentioned as a talking point by political pundits that Republicans need Florida to win the Presidency, that's because Republicans don't do well in the northeast and need to make up the delegates lost with a win in Florida a state rich in terms of number delegates. Now, enter Trump who may not need a Florida win to win the presidency, that's not to say he won't take Florida. It's just Trump may take those "no win for Republican" Northeastern states. The New Hampshire primary was a mere glimpse of the potential Trump vote turnout.

FOR REASONS STATED ABOVE TRUMP DOES NOT NEED TO WIN THE LATINO VOTE TO COME OUT ON TOP!!! Nonetheless Donald Trump has many hispanic supporters and won their support and vote in Nevada

The Demeocrats and liberal biased news networks are now asking aboat Trump's "harsh retoric" and "tone", asking "is it good for the country?" The obvious answer, throw this question back at the media. Go offense and point to the Obama effort when he first ran for President. Obama had been palling around with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright for 20 years, a guy who makes blatent racial slurs. Obama's made some racial slurs himself, read a certain book he wrote "Dreams From My Father" if you'd like to find them. Demand the media and Democrats renounce as racist Black Lives Matter when they (Black Lives Matter) are being racist. Remind them, all lives matter! Make the case about the devisive policies coming from the Whitehouse. Make them explain unchecked immigration and ask why our leaders in both parties don't fight for European immigration from South Africa the same way they fought for aparthieds end? Today many European South Africans have requested America or Europe take them in because they see genocide being waged against them. Immigration is supposed to be non biased, yet, it's not.

If the Republican establishment bands together and supports Donald Trump by fighting the obvious double standards, Trump should win the Presidency. Barrack Obama has been the most divisive President in recent history and has largely been given a free pass by those fearing the word "racist". Today the left uses the word to silence opposition while engaging themselves in racist policy. Policy favoring ILLEGALS through open borders and support for fringe groups such as Black Lives Matter is dividing the nation. Black Lives Matter supporters just knocked unconcious a former Marine war hero outside a McDonalds in a racist attack. Just after that racist event, President Obama welcomed Black Lives Matter to the Whitehouse without a word about this attack?

Why do many minorities favor Donald Trump? Minorities know the left panders to them and believe it or not many of them are tired of being pandered to. They are tired of pandering because they've worked hard to get ahead in life and they find themselves fending off the immage that they've succeeded only because of the pandering, WRONG, it was through hard work that they succeeded the same as everyone else!!

Trump is all about inclusiveness and understands playing the victim or race card has fallen out of favor in today's America. America's a nation that treats all races well, most the time, anyway. Obama would be wise to learn this, he is "the President" after all and not "a victim" though you'd never know it by the policies coming from the Obama administration.

See; Super Tuesday, Donald Trump leads everywhere

See; No ceiling for Tump 50% lead !!

A quick note about tonights debate 2/25/16

Donald Trump is the undisputed front runner going into the SEC primary and for that reason he should be ready for a major personal attack from one failed Ted Cruz campaign.

Cruz trying to place ahead of Donald Trump in the delegate count at this stage of the game is playing right into Marco Rubio's hand. Rubio finished the last two contests in front of Cruz and with Bush out of the Presidential race will be winning higher and higher margins over Cruz. The fact is the higher Rubio marging for second place behind Trump was already seen in the Nevada caucus. Marco Rubioa is strong on allowing immigration and amnesty for ILLEGALS he may under pressure talk about building a wall, however, it ends there. Maybe Rubio should watch this; Invasion of America

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