Friday, February 19, 2016

Trump Is Correct About Both Iraq Wars

Donald Trump stated on the CNN hosted Town Hall Meeting held on 02/18/16 that the first Gulf War was done right and that the second was a problem.  Guess what he's correct!

The first Gulf War was conducted under the leadership of George H.W. Bush because Saddam Hussein made the mistake of attacking and invading Kuwiat.  The objective was merely to force Iraq out of Kuwait and then get out. Mission accomplished.

The second Guld war was more about George W. Bush the son of H.W. Bush wanting to finish the job after years of news media and political attacks from both parties blaming his father for not finishing the job.  In reality his father did what was required and left the natural order of things between Iraq and Iran in place.  Trump said durring the Town Hall meeting mentioned above that he did not fault the younger Bush for wanting to fight for his fathers honor.

The fact is Trump is correct,  no weapons of mass destruction were found and the situation was destabilized in the Middle East.  First off Trump understood that Iraq was ruled by Suni Muslims and that the majority population was Shitte Muslim.  Once America toppled the Suni's Iran would find and did find a natural ally in Iraq.  To Iran went the spoils of war and it has emboldened Iran who's got regional power ambitions. This second Gulf War set a power struggle in motion between Saudi Arabia and Iran.  This second war also set the Suni's on edge because they had lost the power they were accustomed to enjoying. Trump further understands that Barrack Hussein Obama in an all to hasty move further destabilized the entire situation in the region.  Hence ISIS was born, a largely Suni uprising. America needed a plan and had none and Barrack Hussein Obama was not going to allow the time needed to enact one.

Today Russia is back in Syria and has a vested interest in Syria as a buffer to American ally Israel. Russia is leary of Israel and welcomes a re-established presence in Syria.  The Russians have very different goals in the middle east compared to those of the United States.  For any real peace America may wish to find common ground with Russia and not from a position of weakness.  Trump gets it!

Both Russia and the United States have far bigger concerns, namely, radical Islam being a threat to both countries and the rise of an ever assertive China.  Ground exists for cooperation Trump gets it!

Old school conservatives need to change with the times on such issues as Russian and Cuban relations.  Now that America has relations with Cuba, hopefully, someone like Trump can navigate a closer relationship of respect and not by giving them the farm. Americans have a two party system for a reason. Some ideas from both are good.

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