Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Socialist Utopia That Sanders And Clinton Are Both Fighting For Made Simple

For arguments sake lets say only two families exist in America. Both families make $70,000 a year for 20 years. The first family lives the good life going on vacations, going to parties, their children have all the latest gadgets and this family has five children enjoying a great lifestyle. The second family on the other hand saves and only has two children so that they may live within their means, expecting nothing from the other family going forward. In twenty years this second family with two children has money saved and the two children are going to college all paid for by the very family who brought them into this world. This family now has interest income helping to pay the way. The other family, the one with five children is now upset and demands "free college" so their children don't have to work at jobs paying less, however, these jobs need to be filled for the nations survival. In this example everyone can see that "free college" here is punishing the family that was responsible and only has two children. The two child family has already missed out on multiple vacations and many parties to save for their childrens future.

Socialism is exactly the above example on large scale. Socialism dumbs down any country because it breeds continuous and growing need. When the government is in the business of leveling the playing field it comes with a cost. The cost is at the expense of those who are responsible as can be seen above and gives to those who are not responsible. Unfortunately, the family who's offspring will likely continue having larger numbers of children under this system is the irresposible family. The irresposible family has never been forced to learn the lesson taught through the school of hard knox. Without this lesson bussiness as usual continues for the offspring.

Now, take the above socialist system and apply it to the larger scale population in America today. Also, think about this, the family of five above failed at the ballet box to get all the "free gifts" to continue living a care free life. Understand this situation is now multiplied by millions of families and what are those families doing now? That's right voting for open borders so that like minded people can come in and vote for "free gifts" because they made different choices in life, the choices that gave them instant gratification. Continuing, the soon to be voting immigrants take the lower paying jobs that the five child family in this example didn't take, it was easier to vote to take from the family with two children and vote for open borders. Guess how the new immigrants will be voting going forward? That's right some will save and become Republicans, however, the majority will become Socialist Democrats voting for "free gifts". It's a vicious cycle creating more and more need and vilifying the rich family as the gap between the rich and poor widens even faster with open border socialism.

One man Donald Trump as seen in the below video will stop the cycle by enforcing the border and immigration laws, maybe he's a bit left on some social issues, however, he's a realist. Lets take America back and make it great again one step at a time!!

Watch the above and Love TRUMP in 12 Minutes or less

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