Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Resolve Of The Trump Voter Is Being Challenged By The Establishment Republicans

Donald Trump supporters understand it's not Marco Rubio who's challenging Trump to be the Republican nominee for President. Trump had already defeated Rubio in every state that's voted thus far with a primary or caucus.  It's now the Republican establishment that's decided to aid  Rubio's failed campaign effort with a full assualt on Trump ahead of the March 1st SEC primary. Rubio's been so unpopular amongst Republican voters even his home state of Florida shows Rubio trailing in the polls. As of Thursday February 23rd Donald Trump had a commanding lead in those SEC voting states.  If Donald doesn't perform well in the SEC states it's going to be obvious the establishment has hijacked the will of its own base "the people who vote" and replaced it with big money interests. ANYONE can be taken down, however, this will be the first time in memorable history that the Republican establishment attempted to take down its own front runner. Make no mistake Trump is popular among Republican voters and the establishment is losing great respect.
Replace governemnt with Republican establishment above

Who are the establishment leaders who've lost the most respect to date?  House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel. More on that to follow. First lets look at the Republican establishments media tool Fox News and see what the Trump effect has had on them. Reportedly the Fox News brand has taken a 50 percent hit among Republicans.  Both Ryan and McConnel would be wise to take note and drop the politcally correct crap. 

Why are Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnel being singled out?  In Ryan's case it's because President Obama said "Donald Trump is disqualified to be President".  That's an un-American position because the bigger concern is that a sitting President made a comment like that in the first place.  President Obama knows full well the correct position is to let the people decide and trust in the Constitutional Republics election process as all Presidents before him have.  Why does this become an issue involving Ryan?  Because, Ryan was quick to cover his political backside by parroting Obama's position instead of condemning it.  Ryan probably made one of the biggest mistakes of his political career because the voters in the party of which he belongs expect that he fight for his parties front runner for the presidency and not against.  Obama's certainly given plenty of fodder for criticism and thus action could have been taken by Ryan to deflect from Trump.  The case is easily made that Obama has been the most divisive Presidents in U.S. history. Ryan decided to ignore this fact in favor of attacking Trump. In McConnel's case he suggested that his own party could run negative ads against Mr. Trump. McConnel's dividing the party with comments like that.  McConnel "should be" smart enough to realize Trump has actually created a slew of new Republican voters and mobilized previously registered voters to vote.  Trump's image isn't set only by his own campaign, but, also by his support. McConnel and Ryan have both the ability and duty to support the voters of their party who've so far voiced support for Trump over the other candidates. They should be trying to mold a positive image of Trump in the face of media and opposition attack and not detracting form it.

A Rubio win at this point is not going to coalesce support for anyone. Trump supporters know it's not Rubio vs Trump it's the establishment vs Trump. The actual second choice by voters to date has been Ted Cruz for the Republican nomination, however, the establishment isn't fond of Cruz either. The sad part about that is the establishment seems to be using Cruz along with Rubio to attack Trump. Have they cut a deal?  Who knows? The only thing for certain is that if the establishment continues down this path it's they and not Trump who've divided the party. Battle lines have already been drawn and that's scaring the establishment so much they've  decided to unleash Mitt Romney on Donald Trump. Likely, the move was to try and dissuade future Trump endorsements.  Romney's not exactly seen as a non establishment type and he's not a favorite among the parties conservative base. This establishment move further divides the GOP.

In a warning shot to the establishment Governor Chris Christie recently endorsed Trump. Today 2/27/16 the Governor of Maine Paul LePage also endorsed Trump. In addition  in February Trump landed his first congressional endorsements.

Unless the establishment changes its tune Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnel will receive the rath of politically active Trump supporters.  Both men have several skeletons in their closet and if things continue as is readers can come back here and find out just what those skeletons are. After all the party that Ryan and McConnel belong to have candidates who've all sworn to support the parties eventual nominee including Donald Trump.  Rubio and Cruz would be wise not to forget this either because Trump supporters won't forget at the ballet box going forward and their are a lot of them.

Update; Alabama and U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions endorsed Donald Trump on 2/28/2016

Sessions spoke of a "movement afoot that must not fade away. It has the potential to have the American people's voice heard for a change."

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