Saturday, February 20, 2016

Will The Republican Establishment Wake up?!!

Establishment Republicans including Lindsey Graham who has backed Jeb Bush for president after dropping out of the presidential race himself better wake up when it comes to Donald Trump. Lyndsey Graham is quoted as saying such things as Trump can "go to hell".  Graham and other establishment type Republicans need to realize that when you total the count of voters who opted for either Donald Trump in South Carolina or Ted Cruz it's over 55 percent of the total vote. Both candidates are the anti-establishment vote not just Trump. This means the majority of Republican voters view the establishment as the problem. The substantial reason Jeb Bush did so poorly in South Carolina and why Jeb dropped out of the presidential race on 2/20/16 the same day the South Carolina vote concluded is because he symbolizes the establishment.

While  the establishment accuses Trump of making several controversial comments, the Republican voters love Trump's comments and see the truth behind them.  The Republican establishment fails to realize (at least they don't mention it) that Barrack Hussein Obama (BHO) has through action or lack thereof done very controvercial things himself while in office. Republican voters have not forgotten that BHO used to hang out with the controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright for well over 20 years.  A reverend that has railed against white Americans.  Trump voters understand discrimination works both ways and so does the establishment,  it's just the establishment has become a bunch of cowards. Establishment Republicans fear the left calling them racist if they fight for what's really just. What's just is protecting native Americans of all races against the influx of largely uneducated and finacially needy ILLEGAL immigrants who place great burden on current social systems in America.  Unchecked immigration even when legal can easily destroy a nation.  Common bonds and culture make a nation. Unchecked immigration will turn any nation into an empire like the old Soviet Union that collapsed. An empire is basically when you have pockets or even entire states that have nothing in common with the rest of the nation. Therefore these areas are actually being ruled vs being part of a nation that has a common glue holding it together.

Marco Rubio is not the answer for the majority of Republican voters.  Rubio's the answer to establishment types that continue to support open borders against the will of their own constituency. Nobody is against immigration, however, it needs to slow down to an absorbable pace. A pace where the goal doesn't appear to be removing the current demographic makeup from America. If the goal is the removal of the current demographic makeup in America, then why is this not seen as a hate filled agenda? Both Trump and Cruz voters understand that the intentional change of the American demographics is hate filled in nature.

Nobody of any race or religion is going to be better off if the demographic balance that created a beautiful country called America is destroyed.  Hopefully going forward, Cruz slows his campaign attacks on frontrunner Donald Trump and the Republican establishment follows suit. The better focus is to support Trump and help make him better prepared for the general election.  Unfortunately the establishment likely won't learn a thing from the voters.  No, the establishment Republicans and media will instead go into overdrive to destroy Trump who is leading heading into the March 1st SEC primary elections.  In the next ten days expect the worse when it comes to establishment and media treatment of Donald Trump.

When in doubt which candidate for president will serve the country best, look to the enlisted ranks and lower ranking officers serving in the U.S. military. By a majority they voted for Donald Trump in South Carolina.  The senior officers are often split because some in their ranks have been selected by the establishment currently headead by BHO.


  1. For those who think Donald may be more Left or "kingly" - than he admits to or Sounds like :)
    Well , I will gladly take that seemingly slight but always possible risk. It seems to me to be a very slight risk because:

    1. We KNOW FOR SURE where his Opposition stands and they state it openly.

    2. We KNOW FOR SURE what he has Said and WHAT his OPPOSITION says about those Statements and why they fear and hate those statements and that fear and hatred has NOTHING to do with them thinking he is a covert leftist or King who will enable leftist sentiments.

    3. There is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT about Bush / Kasich / the Liar and the Racist ...NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that they are draconian leftist totalitarians. From EVERYTHING I know , & have heard Trump say ... I don't fear him ... I fear the RINOS , Liars and Racists.

    4. I do not think he is gonna start acting like the "SUPREME LEADER" if he is elected but i DO EXPECT him to do the type of things he promises DEPORTING ILLEGAL aliens without Mercy .. this is not hitlerian is the heart of the RULE of LAW and America.

    1. Axiom, First, welcome to the Competent Conservative Populism site! Second, thank you far taking the time to comment. Since I'm in agreement with what you've posted as a comment, I'll just say Thank You again!!

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