Friday, February 26, 2016

Rubio Talking Point Wrong In GOP Debate On Issue Of Japan

Rubio talked about Japan developing a nuclear weapon if America pulled out of that region of the world while exaggerating a Trump talking point and calling it wrong. What Rubio fails to realize is most Americans would probably
prefer that Japan did have "their own nukes" so America doesn't have to keep them (Japan) under America's own nuclear umbella. America's kept in a dicey position precisely because America does keep Japan under its nuclear unbrella. Keeping Japan under this nuclear umbrella could draw America into a war in support of Japan or force America to back down in an effort to prevent an all out nuclear war against itself involving China.

China would potentially learn a lesson that's very catastrophic if they messed with a nuclear armed Japan, however, it would be far less dangerous to the world than a confrontation with the entire American nuclear arsenal. Japan right now has the edge in modern weapons, however, Japan is slowly losing that edge as is America, this emboldens China absent a nuclear deterrent. Now for arguments sake, Japan develops a nuclear weapon allowing Japan to stand up to China on their own in the East China Sea. Now, Japan could use its current technological edge around current disputed Islands in the East China Sea without fear of China bombing the main island of Japan. China would be fearful of a nuclear response and have to take a more reserved posture. Nuclear weapons can be a peace maker and the reason the world has never seen world war III is largely because of the nuclear deterrent . If China does go to war wrongly with Japan they would soon lose the taste for war and without America being involved in something far more devestating to both countries and the world. Right now China is so bold they could wrongly provoke a nuclear war with the USA over Japan.

Rubio was definitely off on his talking point in the above regard. Rubio, also had the entire Republican establishment and their talking heads prepare him for the debate with Donald Trump on 2/25/16. Now the question should be is that all Rubio's got?!! Trump fared better than Rubio did on Rubio's big night when a single man took him down ahead of the GOP primary in New Hampshire. That man of course is Gov. Chris Christie who's now endorsed Donald Trump.

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