Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The American people form the single greatest repository of intelligence and common sense on the planet. That's why Trump is resonating. It's common sense to want America to enforce her borders via slowing or halting immigration from area's where people often come to harm American citizens. The American people understand it's not racist to protect the homeland. Americans understand that politicians have not been protecting our police officers and giving the military the means to win in conflicts. Those politicians are the problem and not part of the solution. The people understand a strong military prevents the odds of a serious war. The people understand the founding fathers gave Americans the 2nd Amendment to protect themselves if need be from the government or other people who exibit extreme violence.

Do Americans support Trump blindly?  No,  however, his core beliefs are common sense and it's something that eludes the crop of politicians empowered today.  With a racist President like Barrack Hussein Obama (BHO), America is ready for Donald Trump and not a continuation of BHO via a Clinton or Sanders.

Don't think Barrack Hussein Obama is a racist? Click on this video: Jeremiah Wright, guess who hung out with him for over 20 years?  That's right BHO and while at it look who was standing with no hand over his heart in a picture under that video durring the American national anthem,  that's right BHO again.  He didn't start doing that till it became a liability to his first election effort.

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