Sunday, July 17, 2016

Jihad From Within - Not About Religion

A large percentage of the European and American minority populations want the current western culture to conform to their cultural point of view,  instead of conforming to the nations' western culture and despite enjoying the benefits western culture offers them. Because of this cultural demand, things are going to get worse going forward unless there is radical change. Intended or not, these cultural demands come at the expense of the western cultures’ common bonds. Even common bonds such as English in America are weakening, and because of this the divide will continue to grow. Sooner or later the western culture must make a stand or be destroyed. Appeasement is not an option, rather, it's a death sentence to western culture and it comes fast. It's pretty straight forward!

Sadly even as this post was being updated an attack in Baton Rouge, Louisiana took place. See; 
Police shot

Currently the western governments waste time and resources (tax payer money) trying to determine who and what group or groups have staged an attack against westerners. It's obvious why attacks occur, divides are growing wider as minority populations increase under a system of appeasement (welfare gifts). Minority fringe groups find this leftist support within the countries they live. Example; In America, Obama\Clinton and in Germany, Merkel. Leftists provide favorable legislation and money to support fringe groups... even when they aren't just fringe sized anymore. How else can large swaths of minorities engage in destructive behaviors in mass without an equal backlash? Even soft support for fringe groups is found inside the political parties supposedly opposed to leftists. Example; (In America, Bush\Ryan\Romney).

Right now the minority Jihad groups are winning in France. They are outbreeding natives, immigrating in mass, and ending lives of the native population. No country can survive this long term. Western populations have no choice, they must stop acting with only words. Example; forceful deportation needs to occur the same as forceful and illegal entry does. Either that or face a holocaust at the hand of ruthless opponents. Collateral damage will have to happen to win this war. Only fools can't see it. Being politically correct is not an option rather it's appeasement and it's tantamount to intentional surrender.

Racism exists in all ethnic groups and especially in minority groups (a fact internationalists & leftists never admit). Racism is so bad in minority fringe groups many become radicalized. Today western populations are forced to put up with institutionalized racism seemingly against the majority. Who really enjoys racial privilege today? Minority groups do face racism daily as well, it's just today the laws favor minority groups in the legal arena. Because everyone faces racism it's easy to become radicalised.  See; 
Example of institutionalized racism

The point is that for western culture to survive, minority groups have to conform to societal norms, at least, in the culture that they choose to live in, thus making the majority populations culture secure and creating a bond. Expecting it the other way around is insane and destroys bonds. If someone feels hostile towards the current culture and wants to do something radical (like kill) why not leave the country that makes them feel radical for a country with the ethnic population matching themselves? Maybe they will like the different culture their group has historically created when together as the majority? If individuals don't like the culture of those countries ethnically like themselves and choose to remain in a country where they are a minority, why try to bring what's not liked here through insisting on cultural change? Why not blend into the majority culture creating a common set of bonds? Many have done this in the past and many still do it today. Those are the individuals who normally like their location and would like to keep it that way without others racially like themselves ruining a good thing with negative stereotypes. That's probably why guys like Sheriff Clarke exist in America with such a strong opinion.  See video; 
Sheriff Clarke

Common culture and bonds matter in a country. Religious freedom in a country can be part of the culture, however, religious freedom in that country doesn't mean intentionally importing another religion... especially one opposed to religious freedom! Freedom of religion in a historically Christian country certainly doesn't mean giving a minority religion preferential treatment for some leftist agenda. Religion is just one common bond and the war on western culture is not really about religion. It's about jealousy... believe it or not if the majority ethnic group in western countries all converted to Islam they would still face a jihad. Western cultures currently enjoy a high standard of living, which creates that jealousy. The western standard of living is coming down as westerners ignore the hard truths written about here. You can't just give and give to those who don't share the same values.

Related, the United Nations is not a friend to western culture because the majority of the world’s population is not like the ethic majority in Europe or America. Many in the world hate westerners just because they are the haves in the world. Hitler came to power largely blaming the haves who were both Jewish and Germans for the loss in WWI.  Just look what happened to the Jewish in that country under his leadership before and during WWII! Elected officials who surrender European or American sovereignty aren't friends to western culture nor are internationalists... rather those leaders are acting like Hitler only they vehemently attack Westerners vs the Jewish. Don't treat leaders like that as friends unless you don't mind the eventual outcome of poverty and death. These leaders whether intentionally or not would have the majority ethnic groups in western countries become the minority and then finally even worse.

No group will be safe without shedding the politically correct straight jacket leftists try to impose upon them using racist labels. In the case of some in the minority population shedding that straight jacket might mean agreeing with this post and going against your friends who spout leftist victimization dogma. For the majority it may mean the same and taking to the streets to counter leftist forces as forcefully as required to achieve the desired result in ending the counter cultural violence. This is not written to be politically correct, however, it's factual no matter what the thought police say.

The patriotic bikers going to Cleveland to counter potential leftist thugs is a good start. Who will really be surprised at the political spin concerning leftist violence at the RNC if it occurs? Worse what if officials like Obama and a scorned John Kasich order law enforcement to stand down to some level? They may try this because they understand the media will likely blame the right for the violence more than the left. Ask yourselves who has traveled to protest a legitimate political convention and you will find the true source of violence. The fact is many protesters are being paid and wouldn't it be nice if the source of payment was held accountable for the violence? The rumor is they get paid even more for being arrested because it's a leftist photo opportunity to say look at the violence the right has incited!
Injustices unfortunately occur and ignoring the above through appeasement ensures injustices will continue on a larger scale going forward. If not now when do the majority natives and native born minorities who enjoy western culture stand up to leftist violence from within? 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Donald Trump's Running Mate - Mike Pence

Mike Pence - Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is Donald Trump's VP pick

Donald Trump has selected Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to be his running mate--he is expected to formally call Pence Thursday afternoon, reports CBS News' Major Garrett, citing a GOP official close to the process.

The addition of Pence to the ticket may help assuage concerns among conservatives worried that Trump is too moderate on social issues. It also takes Pence out of a tough reelection fight in the Hoosier State against Democrat John Gregg, whom Pence beat narrowly in 2012. Polls taken this spring showed Pence's lead within the margin of error.
Pence was born into a family of Irish Catholic Democrats in 1959. He became a born-again evangelical Christian after meeting his future wife, Karen, at a protestant church during college.
Before becoming governor, Pence served in the House of Representatives as a Republican for six terms where he was known as a staunch conservative, opposing both President George W. Bush's expansion of Medicare and the bank bailouts of 2008.
He did, however, propose an immigration compromise in 2006 that would have created a guest worker program. The proposal went nowhere, and angered many conservatives. Since then, Pence has taken a harder line on immigration.
Credit:  CBS News

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Lynne Patton "The Trump Family That I Know" - A Black Female Trump Executive Speaks

Those exposed to the vast leftist lies have to hear this woman's story. America can't afford to not counter with facts what the left tries to hide. The left is so lost and hateful, they are a danger to this country. A large portion of the Democratic party has been lost to these lies, yet, some are not lost and view the world with open eyes, it's to those people that the truth needs to reach before America is lost forever.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

It's Best Paul Ryan Be Shown The Exit Door In Any Future Campaigns

Voters in America are tired of false outrage and exaggeration of talking points in an effort to make non racist comments into racist comments. Cowards like Paul Ryan do this with Donald Trump's talking points while allowing racial double standards to go unchallenged.

Example of a recent racial double standard; black power salute given by African American female cadets at West Point. Ryan knows that if European American female cadets had done a white solidarity salute they'd have been in all probability thrown out of the academy without graduating. Will Ryan comment on that? No, because it's a real issue. In the linked article excuses have already been made for the cadets action by the media. The media "thought police" call the Black Power or black solidarity salute support for the Black Lives Matter movement. This in an effort to downplay the incident. Can someone explain how the salutes differ? Either way the action is not allowed by military cadets in uniform who are to become military leaders and who are supposed to be held to a higher standard. Why do the Ryan's of the world hold different racial standards to different races? Does Ryan feel one race must be coddled? If so that's insulting.

America does have a culture and not enforcing current immigration law is one reason that culture is being destroyed.  What is American culture?  To start it's been an English speaking country for black and white Americans alike,  it's been a Christian country "In God We Trust" on American currency, it's a country where citizens say "Merry Christmas". These things came from the people who made America the envy of the worlds citizenship.

The truth is America is losing these cultural norms in part due to the lack of secure borders and lack of enforcement of immigration laws already on the books.  Wanting controlled legal immigration vs illegal immigration isn't racist even Mexico knows that.

Voters in America of all races are hungry for an American first leadership.

Perhaps America's Paul Ryan politicians have forgotten the pledge of allegiance to the United States of America? Maybe they've forgotten a common bond called the English language that allows the nations citizens the ability to communicate amongst themselves?

Open borders and unenforced immigration law is racist towards the American culture and that's an inclusive culture. In fact African Americans are being hammered by illegal immigration. Barrack Obama doesn't appear to have a high regard for American culture and American immigration law. Paul Ryan doesn't seem to notice that or the fact Obama had a long term association with Rev. Wright? Wright is a man some Americans feel to be a racist and Wright provided the fodder. To this date the Paul Ryan politicians fear talking about this left wing racism so much they'd rather attack others as racist for speaking the truth about it.

The fact is Donald Trump is inclusive.  Donald Trump is also conservative where it counts to the American people.  That is unless patriotism is no longer a conservative ideal?  Wanting a strong military, controlled borders, respect for our veterans and police, fair trade, and an American first policy is important and Paul Ryan needs to remember that.

The media likes to point out  Paul Ryan as the top elected Republican official because he's the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, however, the only voter mandate Ryan has is from the 1st congressional district in Wisconsin. Even Wisconsin Senator Roy Blunt has more votes than Ryan because U.S. Senators run in the entire state not just some congressional district. That fact highlights the arrogance on display by Paul Ryan.  For Paul Ryan it's all about self. Ryan will never be elected President of the Unted States as a Republican, not after thumbing his nose towards the majority of Republican and cross over Democrat voters who participated in the 2016 presidential primaries.

Paul Ryan's competition is Paul Nehlen for the Wisconsin 1st congressional district. Please support Paul Nehlen by clicking on the provided link to his website. Even a small donation helps send a message that Americans are serious about changing the business as usual attitude from certain politicians like Ryan.

Related: Paul Ryan, a Republican, drafted the plan with Patty Murray, a Democrat to cut disabled veterans benefits. At the same time Paul Ryan's wants government subsidized premiums for seniors?  Consistency with Ryan, forget it, according to Ryan we have the money to "relocate" and "resettle" a large number of "Islamic Refugees" but not enough to supply American seniors with a cost of living increase? That's Ryans's conservative value system?

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Trump's America-first worldview forgoes lofty ideals and partisan ideologies and it's correct

Trump's ideas don't fit neatly into or subscribe to any single theory or school of international relations thought. Being unafraid to question the status quo, Trump’s outlook on global affairs and the U.S. role in them is, however, quite simple: Clearly, Trump argues, the U.S. is doing something wrong. If we're so great and powerful, why have we appeared so helpless in Ukraine, in Korea, in the South China Sea, and East China Sea? America has the most powerful military in the world, why are terrorists expanding their Islamic state? Trump questions failed trade policies that hurt American workers who are now jobless, Trump says why not seek to renegotiate and rebalance the playing field?

Here's a link to an establishment talking point dealing with Japan and it's wrong (Rubio used it in debate); Establishment Talking Point Wrong On Issue Of Japan

The United Nations, NATO and internationalists claim that the U.S. needs to continue leading the liberal order. They claim it creates a healthy global system from which America and her allies benefit. Trump, on the other hand, sees absurdity in a system filled with cracks and fissures that arguably disadvantage Americans, and madness in positions born out of ideological politics rather than what's needed. Like the people in America who vote for American Leadership, Trump has tired of leaders who once elected forget about serving Americans and start acting like they need a favorable world opinion for a run at some global Presidency. Have they forgotten the pledge of allegiance to America?

Trump is correct on NATO and not only Japan as linked above. By slashing their defense budgets European countries are allowing the U.S. to pick up the slack. And why not, American welfare frees them to spend on social programs America can't even afford. The United States is already spending more on defense than all other nations on the planet combined. Yet, America needs upgrades that it can't afford such as a new fighter jet in the face of a modernizing China and a superioir Russian fighter already in production. America already scrapped making its best fighter the F-22 in favor of a cheaper F-35 that now needs to be replaced. Where will that money come from?

Here's something crazy, U.S. leaders actually fight against Europe providing for its own defense. See; European Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy.  Some in establishment will argue that European nations are to small to defend themselves, they've obviously got blinders on because Israel's small and proivides for it's own defense? Israel buys our weapons and we don't have or need bases in Israel. It's time Europeans do the same.  Not over night and nothing rash, but it must be done for their own survival. It might help our own survival as well.  New alliances will be forged and Americans need not fear that or dictate to whom they are with. Americans will find new alliances as well based on mutual respect and its own need.

The extra money European countries have available because Americans pay for their defense tab, funds social programs that attract immigrants from the very countries that often wish them harm. The "free money" fuels the world order mentality. A place where lets face it Europeans are viewed as a blight on the world because they are members of the haves club. With a stronger world integration Europeans will find they have a smaller voice because they have a smaller population compared to the countries they are allowing themselves to integrate with.

That's true to America as well.  Americans aren't liked much in the world and like European nations we need to worry less about what the world thinks and more about America. We can either be wealthy and strong as a nation or poor and prosecuted as a nation. World opinions about privilege are not favorable to Americans. Make no mistake the world will take all privilege away from Americans. That's going to be the outcome if business continues as usual.

On the immigration issue, Japan has low to no terrorism for a reason.  They don't encourage Muslim immigration.

American establishment types will never admit these truths unless the vote is clear in 2016!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Arizona’s Martha McSally Would Be A Great Choice For Trump's Vice President

She’s the first female Air Force fighter pilot to fly in combat, a retired colonel who once sued the Pentagon over a policy on Muslim dress, and a self-described moderate who rails against government overreach.

McSally often tells audiences about how she sued Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld over a requirement that female servicewomen wear a headscarf and an abaya, a traditional body-covering robe worn by many conservative Muslim women, when traveling off base in Saudi Arabia. McSally had internally asked for changes to the policy for years, but filed a lawsuit in late 2001 after spending some time being posted in the country. The policy was eventually overturned.

During her 2012 campaign for a House seat in Arizona’s swing 2nd District , in a questionnaire from a conservative group, McSally said she supported repealing Obamacare and prohibiting abortion except when it was necessary to prevent the death of the mother.

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